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Pilates for Men
Pilates holds many benefits for men who rise to the challenge.  Whether cross training at the gym, weight and power lifting, football, surfing, marathon or cricket training, Pilates will help fine tune your performance.  Pilates will help men tap into often neglected muscle, improve flexibility and will seriously advance core and oblique strength.  Remember Pilates was created by a man and is ideal for men of any age or fitness level.  
Sway Bar offers a series of group Pilates classes that are suitable for men.  For a more private and personally structured training program, the Sway Bar Pilates studio has you covered.  
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  4. Title 5
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  1. Title 5
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  3. Title 7
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For a more private and personalised work out program studio Pilates reformer classes can seriously boost athletic performance and overall movement mechanics.  
With studio Pilates you will look better, feel better and move better.  You will suffer less injuries, and your strength flexibility and muscle tone will all improve within the first four weeks.  
Studio Pilates allows for the introduction of weight and resistance to your workout routine to challenge and target your core, pelivic floor muscles, obliques and glutes. You will enjoy an all over body program.