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Sway Bar Pilates offers affordable, quality exercise programs for everybody. Located on the Gold Coast with locations in Robina, Tallai and Coolangatta, Sway Bar will help you flex, strengthen, tone and relax your body.
Choose from Pilates Mat Classes, the high energy Booty Barre Classes or work one on one in our fully equipped Pilates studio. 
Flow to the music and enjoy the tranquil lake or ocean views as you work your body during our group classes. All classes are suitable for men and women from beginners to advanced. All classes are taught by fully qualified Pilates Instructors. 
All our Pilates and Barre instructors have undergone rigorous and comprehensive training. 

To become a teacher, instructors must undertake hours of study including history and principles of the Pilates technique, theory in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and pathology, and the extensive exercise repertoire, as well as face to face instruction of clients under apprenticeship. This ensures the highest quality of instruction.
Our properly trained and experienced Pilates practitioners can help clients deal with many conditions and pathologies. We do different things, working with the entire body in a session.
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Linda Harrison 
Linda Harrison is the Principal of Sway Bar Pilates and brings Sway Bar Pilates to you each week at our Robina location in addition to personalised Studio Pilates sessions. Linda is a fully certified BASI Pilates instructor and a fully accredited Booty Barre Instructor with certifications in Booty Barre Plus, Flex and Flow and Booty Barre Sculpt. Linda is a fully qualified nutritionist and has over 12 years experience as Pilates and Barre instructor.  
Holly Small
Holly Small is a fully qualified personal trainer, Pilates and Booty Barre instructor.  Holly brings to Sway Bar classes her unique blend of fluid stretching and strengthening exercises. Holly is a fully certified Booty Barre instructor and holds teaching certifications for Booty Barre Plus, Flex and Flow and Booty Barre Sculpt.  Holly's love for all things fitness began at an early age when she developed a passion for ballet. Practising for over 13 years, Holly went on to become a beautiful contemporary dancer before shifting her focus to personal training. Holly's inspiring body and incredible flexibility has been maintained and developed further by her career as a Pilates and Booty Barre instructor. 
Libby Stevens
Libby Stephens is a fully certified, Booty Barre and Pilates teacher. Libby understands first had the changes women's bodies go through during pregnancy. As our pre and post-natal pregnancy expert, Libby teachers a challenging blend of safe Pilates exercises to our every growing group of Mums. Libby is a fully certified BASI Pilates instructor and holds Booty Barre Instructor certifications including Booty Barre Plus, Flex and Flow and Booty Barre Sculpt.  Libby's style is strong and confident and as a skilled choreographer her Pilates class leave you feeling worked and relaxed all at the same time. With her background in operating childrens and adult exercise classes, Libby will keep you coming back for more.
Megan Wagner
Megan Wagner is a passionate and driven teacher, Megan is a fully certified BASI Pilates instructor. Megan is also a fully certifided Booty Barre instructor.  Teaching for more than 5 years, Megan's passion is almost as powerful as her teaching skills and as she is responsible for many of those toned legs and butts in the suburbs of the Gold Coast. Join Megan weekly for Pilates mat or Booty Barre Classes.